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Notice on the foundation of Gantry Machining center and Horizontal Machining Center

  • Author:XinZhe CNC
  • Date:2022-06-19
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Dear customers:

Greetings! In order to ensure the stability of the accuracy of the machine tool, the company requires customers who purchase horizontal plus and gantry series of large-scale machine tools to lay the foundation and use anchor screws. For details, please refer to the following precautions:

1. The importance of the foundation (including large machine tools such as gantry and horizontal plus)

1. If the quality of the foundation is not good, the foundation of the machine tool will subside locally, which will greatly affect the accuracy of the machine tool;

2. Around the foundation of large machine tools, heavy objects such as large workpieces and blanks are often placed and loaded. If there is no solid foundation, the foundation will often be partially deformed, thus causing changes in the accuracy of the machine tool;

3. The foundation of the machine tool does not have sufficient strength and rigidity, which may easily cause vibration of the foundation. The vibration source of the working environment of the machine tool comes from various conditions, so it is impossible to make a unified standard and judgment. When the machine tool resonates or there is a vibration source outside, the amplitude will increase. Irregular vibration will have a huge impact on machining accuracy.

2. Foundation requirements

1. The load-bearing requirement of the machine tool foundation is not less than 10t/㎡, and the construction drawing of the machine tool foundation should be designed and determined by the professional design department according to the user's soil structure and environmental conditions;

2. The machine tool should be installed away from the vibration source, or a vibration isolation ditch should be designed around the foundation. The depth of the vibration isolation ditch is the same as that of the foundation, and the width should not be less than 150mm. Place materials such as polystyrene, coal cinders, and broken sand in the vibration isolation ditch, and seal it with asphalt. Anti-vibration requirements for machine tool foundation: when the frequency is lower than or equal to 10Hz, the maximum vibration acceleration is 0.20g; when the frequency is between 10-50Hz, the maximum vibration acceleration is 0.25g;

3. Basic concrete requirements: It is recommended to use concrete C25-C30, steel bar HRB335 (φ14), cushion concrete C15, thickness 10cm, and double-layer two-way reinforcement φ14×200;

4. The side wall of the foundation is required to be safe and reliable, and the foundation pit should be waterproof, oil-proof, anti-corrosion, and there must be no leakage;

5. Requirements for foundation flatness: no more than 10mm within the full length;

6. After the foundation pouring is completed, maintenance and preloading should be carried out. The maintenance time should not be less than 28 days. Preloading should be carried out after maintenance, and the preloading time should not be less than 7 days. 1.4~2 times of the sum of the weight, the deformation of the foundation after preloading shall not exceed 0.01~0.015mm/1000mm;

7.The anchor screw holes adopt a trapezoidal structure (thick at the bottom and thin at the top), and the depth should not be less than 500mm. The grouting material for the anchor holes is recommended to use MG series non-shrinking high-strength grouting material. Before pouring, the inside of the anchor should be cleaned and there should be no debris Stone, laitance, dust, oil and other sundries, while leaving an exhaust channel. After the grouting starts, it must be carried out continuously without interruption. The grouting time should be shortened as much as possible. The maintenance time of the foundation grouting is 5 to 7 days.

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